We shall be delighted to welcome you to Hotel Teatrisso. We wish to offer you that cosy secret corner where you will be at ease when the routine becomes a heavy burden. 

A meeting point for the Arts, History, Live shows, Design, Amusement and Leisure. The perfect shelter to enjoy with friends, inspiration and comfort for your business meetings, especial celebrations with your partner, wether you travel with a group or on your own, or even great events, like your wedding for instance. 

Located in a mansión full of history from the XVII century. Jose Angel and me-Laura- have made of this small palace our home and a Superior-3 stars Hotel, opened in June 2015. Here with our doors wide-open we await for you expecting you will feel at home and enjoy it. 

We try to avoid labels like “Hotel with charm”  but, the truth is that we like everything  to look charming in our hotel.  Our village offers so many spots full of beauty that we want our hotel to ooze cuteness in every little detail. 

We should also say we are not a so-called Rural Hotel, however, we are village people ourselves, as we say here, just like that. Country lifeis our sign of identity, our lifestyle and so is our hotel. 

We do not just offer acommodation, nor we have customers, in our souls as hosts we wish to welcome good friends to our home to share the natural things, the authenticity with you, as simple as that. 

We have decorated each one of the rooms in order to inspire a sensual , evocative, dreamy and funny atmosphere . 

Our pantry, cellar and kitchen are opened every day to please your tastes and share the things we are enthusiastic about such as theatre, photography, literature and music with you. 

This mansión was home to the magic of cinema, the first films in black and white back in the 20s & 30s, the gaiety of theatre on our wooden stage and paper backstage, and the hustle and bustle of the dance hall. Being a meeting point for leisure and culture as it was, we are arranging along this year different shows, exhibitions, art workshops to keep that spirit alive – “Espiritu Teatrisso” – any suggestions for guests to enjoy, either groups or privately, are welcome. 

We have not invented anything, it is just the way we are. And we want our home – now yours–  to shout from the roof tops that the old spirit is back. The only thing left for us to do is see you enjoying it, after all, we have done everything thinking of you.